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We Survive, So You may

Thrive. Strategize. Organize. Globalize.


While the RealWorld Corporation is gone, we continue to offer support for RealWorld Accounting Software® version V6.0 through Real World Accounting Software version V9.1.

We will help you work with your current version, help you migrate data files to another accounting system, upgrade to the heir apparent to RealWorld; Passport Software.  


You have trusted us with your Real World® Accounting Software support since 1989 and we will continue to earn that trust. Both on site and remote support for Real World Accounting Software (from version 6.x through 9.1). Plus upgrade options to the new Passport V12.05.


All the reliability of Real World in a true GUI format (with the option to retain the old look for those that want it). 


In short, we at BNC Systems, Inc. exist for three reasons:


  • We help you continue to support your current RealWorld Accounting Software.


  • Should you decide to move to another system, we help you with the data migration.


  • Best Choice -- We offer easy upgrades to Passport Software V 12.05.

Need Help in a Hurry?!

We also offer Remote Support, as well, so regardless of where you are, we can assist!

Simply click the button to the right and give us a call!

(MS Windows or Linux!)

Click here for Step-by-Step instructions.

We used BNC Systems to upgrade our Real World Accounting Software to Passport Software.  It would have been a highly complex and probably impossible task without an expert. 


Bob was that expert.  He managed the process beautifully, with no disruption to our accounting cycle, and has provided excellent support ever since our move to Passport.”  - Bruce Mann, TSR Consulting Services

"I am very happy to write a review for BNC as I have been using this company for over 20 years.  Bob is a master on the PBS software, and every time I have had any problem with the program and contacted Bob, he was able to log in remotely in order to find the problem and repair it very quickly.

If needed Bob was  happy to come to my place of business. I have used BNC Systems, Inc. for upgrading from Real World Accounting Software to PBS software, and it was done without any problems." - Debra Popkin, Jack L. Popkin, Co.

BNC Systems, Inc. has been our support for over 20 years. They brought us from our original Real World Accounting Software (V5) through the newest versions of Passport Software. They gave us the support we needed, when we needed. I am happily recommending their services. - John Levin, Former Controller, U.N.D.C., N.Y.

Trouble with your usually very reliable and powerful Real World Accounting Software? Don't panic! Call Bob at BNC Systems and he can look at the problem and fix it remotely. We have been dealing with BNC for many years (Since March 8, 2010) and welcome his expertise and advice like remembering to backup, backup, backup, backup on a regular basis.


Keep it up Bob! - Al Capone, President Capone Foods, inc.

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