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General Ledger Issues


Problem: My trial balance is in balance but when I print my financial statements my balance sheet shows that it is out of balance.  


Problem: I need to make entries into my new fiscal year but I am not ready to close my current fiscal year. Is it okay to make entries in the new fiscal year before closing the current fiscal year and do I need to change my accounting periods to reflect the new fiscal year before making the entries?  





Problem: How far into the next calendar year can I process payroll with out closing my previous year?


Problem: I used the wrong starting payroll check number the last time I processed payroll. Now when I try to process the next payroll I cannot start with the correct starting number. IO needs to change the starting number.


Problem: While my payroll checks were posting, my system locked up, power failed, network went down, etc.







Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently we are asked about commonproblems that occur from time to time. While scary, most can be resolved here or with a short consultation. We've detailed a few often-seen errors below.

Error 004 = Illegal File Name

Error 007 = error reads disk space exhausted (less common error message

Error 009 = No room in directory

Error 012 = Attempt to open a file which is already open

Error 013 = File not found

Error 014 = Too many files open simultaneously

Error 018 = Read part record error: EOF or file open in wrong mode

Error 021 = File is a directory

Error 024 = Disk Input-Output (I/O) error

Error 027 = Device not Available

Error 033 = Physical I/O error

Error 035 = Attempt to access a file with incorrect permission

Error 037 = File access denied

Error 039 = File not compatible

Error 040 = National Language Variants not set up correctly

Error 041 = Corrupt indexed file

Error 042 = Attempt to write on a broken pipe

Error 043 = File information missing for indexed file

Error 044 = Exact message unknown - UNIX specific

Error 045 = Attempt to open an NLS file using an incompatible program

Error 046 = Error message may vary - usually UNIX

Error 047 = Indexed structure overflow

Error 077 = Install ISAM module error

Error 105 = Memory allocation errorError 114 = Attempt to access item beyond the bounds of memory

Error 105 = Memory allocation error

Error 114 = Attempt to access item beyond the bounds of memory

Error 115 = Unexpected signal

Error 116 = Cannot allocate memory

Error 126 = Record size exceeds limit

Error 135 = File not found / File does not exist

Error 139 = Record length or key data inconsistency

Error 153 = Subscript out of range

Error 161 = Illegal intermediate code

Error 163 = Illegal character in numeric field

Error 165 = Version number incompatibility

Error 166 = Recursive COBOL CALL is illegal (mostly Btrieve)

Error 170 = System Program not found

Error 173 = Called program file not found in drive/directory

Error 187 = Runtime System not found on $COBDIR path

Error 191 = Terminal type not defined

Error 192 = Required terminal capability description missing

Error 198 = Load Failure

Error 199 = Operating system error out of defined range

Error 203 = CALL parameter not supplied

Error 213 = Too many locks

Error 225 = Program component not found

Error 226 = EXTERNAL file definition inconsistent

Error 227 = EXTERNAL data definition inconsistent

Error 228 = Could not allocate memory for EXTERNAL item

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