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  • Andrew W. (President) -- Androb Service, Inc. -- Long Island City, NY 11101"
    "It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial having known Bob Novick and Bnc-Sys for over 25 years. When it came to maintaining and resolving any issues with our Real World programs there is no-one in our opinion that was more capable or that we trusted more than Bob."
  • Keith D. Edwards (President) -- Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO Local 1105 -- Lake Success, N.Y. 11042"
    "I have worked with Mr. Bob Novak for over 20 years and highly recommend him for his knowledge, professionalism, and ability to work on any computer system including Real World. He is an asset to any organixation that he works with and is available any time of the day."
  • Fran Lasky (Finance/Accounting) -- Propp Companies -- New York, NY 10012"
    "I have appreciated his services over the past 15 years I have known Bob Novak. He has always been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and most important, always reliable whenever a software question or problem came up. At times, working with Real World/Passport presented some challenges. I can say for certain I would not have been able to get through all my general ledger crises were it not for him! Although we have moved to other general ledger software for most of our businesses, we still rely on his support for the remaining companies operating on Real World/Passport. It is reassuring to know he is still there!"
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