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ABOUT RealWorld® Accounting Software

RealWorld, Accounting began around 1982 and was the standard-bearer for Radio Shack Computers. At its height, there was an estimated 150,000 RealWorld Accounting users nationwide. During the early 90's, Chemical Bank acquired RealWorld Accounting and began going in a different direction. One of its dealers purchased RealWorld Accounting in 1997 and brought out v8.0 for the Y2K problem.


Unfortunately, at that time, RealWorld Accounting was sold to Great Plains (later bought by Microsoft) and RealWorld Accounting Development was effectively curtailed at Version 9.1.


At that time, Passport Software bought the license to develop the Windows Version of RealWorld Accounting and came out with their first release “v10.0.”  Since 2000, PassPort Software, Inc. has continued the enhancement and development of RealWorld software, now called PassPort Business Solutions. The company maintains a partner channel of hundreds of partners who sell its products throughout North America and the Caribbean.


Part of Passport Software, Inc. comprises a manufacturing software division called PBS Manufacturing. The software originated in 1983 as SBS, a COBOL based system designed by Schuleter Business Systems, Inc. and later became SBS 2000 under the ownership of Superior Business Solutions, Inc. In 2005 Passport Software, Inc. acquired Superior Business Solutions, Inc. and SBS 2000. PBS Manufacturing is used in automation of manufacturing operations such as shop floor scheduling, material requirements planning, inventory control, and manpower planning.


Since then, numerous updates and enhancements have been released.  Version v12.00 was the first truly GUI Windows version based on RealWorld.

It would be impossible to list all the changes but a handful:


  • Printing reports in HTML or PDF formats

  • Printing of invoices from your own image format

  • Emailing of invoices directly to clients

  • Date control to prevent making entries in the wrong time period

  • Positive pay and ACH to prevent check fraud

  • Printing financial reports to excel

  • Ability to do a trial year-end close for your financial statements

  • Fully functional on a 64-bit platform such as Windows 7 or Windows 10.

  • Available from PassPort Software on LINUX/UNIX and Windows clients.









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