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Founded in 1989 by Robert Novick, BNC Systems Associates are backed with a combined total of 45+ years of RealWorld® Software and Passport® Software experience.


BNC Systems provides great customer support for all versions of RealWorld Software from 6.0 through 9.x. We provide year end payroll updates for RealWorld® Software Versions 8.x and 9.x. In addition to offering support for your existing RealWorld Accounting Software, if you require migration to a more robust solution, we can manage all facets of deployment; from initial stages to finalization.




Through our commitment, experience, and expertise BNC Systems has established a business relationship with our customers that extends from brand new customers to those that began during our first month in business!

For future growth following in RealWorld® Software's footsteps, Passport® Software follows the tradition with a feature-rich, logical, and easy conversion upgrade from RealWorld® Software V6.x through V9.x. We can do data conversion for your RealWorld® Software data files to keep data re-entry to a minimum.



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